Mission statement

  To provide the citizens of Pike County with efficient and convenient services from an office that possesses high morale and provides excellent care with each encounter. 

upon taking office i would like to:

  • Fully utilize my formal education, my public service experience, and my compassion for others to develop and implement helpful resources and guides to educate and empower the public in regards to the probate process. 
  • Apply my excellent communication skills to be informative on all platforms - including forms and documents correspondence, social media, websites, telephone calls, email, and face to face interactions. 
  • Build upon the legacy of leadership and lasting relationships that the current judge has established with the community
  • Engage the community in a volunteer program that would benefit the wards of guardianship cases by providing advocacy, social interaction, and friendship.
  • Establish a collaborative program where an attorney will be available to the public once a month to educate and inform individuals of the best practices for trust and estate matters and to provide legal advice on how to best manage your affairs. 
  • Invest in the continuing education of the current clerks, promote their success and ingenuity, and reward their dedication and service to the Probate Office.

as your next probate judge i will:

  •  Use a combination of innovation and experience, where I will work alongside the current staff of the office to obtain their knowledge and preserve the history needed in order to make wise decisions for the future.
  •  Work diligently to keep expenses to a minimum, be prompt and respectful with all matters, and prioritize sincere service and excellent care for all public issues and concerns.
  • Provide utmost professionalism and ethical conduct of both myself and the court.
  • Employ my knowledge of unbiased service delivery and the whole person approach – obtained from my Bachelors of Science in Human Services – to oversee an orderly and compassionate judicial system that is accessible and equal to all people
  • Be quickly available to citizens and colleagues, and maintain open and consistent lines of communication 
  • Remain devoted to my lifetime commitment of serving you